Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Hand, Man!

My left hand.The hand that I write with, the hand that I throw with, the hand that eat with, the hand that I, oh never mind. TMI. Anyway on Thursday I was covering a class. A Certain Student, on advice of Mrs Met, suggested that I take him for a walk when he gets agitated. No problem. We walk around the school, try to get him refocused, etc... Now mind you this is a CTT class I am covering. On the way back to the class he takes off from me. No one to call in the school. So I follow him. He is in the class but as I open the door he pushes back on it. I am halfway in, and then turn my head to ask a student in the hall to return to class. At this moment A Certain Student closes the door on my left hand. Ouch. Sh**.

Still no one around to take care of A Certain Student. I, and the other teacher fill out occurance reports. I, since I had my hand slammed in a door, fill out an accident report. You would think that John Deacon would take some kind of interest in this fiasco. No. Grossberger is the one to fill out these reports. It will be interesting tomorrow if there is a number and if it was filed within 24 hours.

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