Saturday, October 18, 2008

Detroit Lions Kid

I failed to mention something the other day about Detroit Lions Kid. Thursday, the day after he assaulted the teachers, Numb Nuts decided that he was too busy to continue to baby sit him and placed him back in his class with the teacher he had assaulted. Good thing the teacher was not assaulted again. Could have made Numb Nuts look even stupider than he really he is. I should stop calling Numb Nuts stupid. Calling him stupid is an insult to stupid people. But luckily was no assault on the teacher. Detroit Lions Kid just decided to attack, unprovoked, another student in the class. Punched the boy in the stomach, choked him, and tore up his notebooks. BRAVO Numb Nuts!

Yesterday morning Numb Nuts decided that he will pawn off his responsibility yet again. He was desperately looking for a class to pawn of the boy. He picked the wrong class. He had the contract and chancellor's regulations thrown in his face. The teacher told him that before Detroit Lions Kid his placed in the classroom that the teacher wished to see the proper paperwork on the boy's removal from his class. Oh this was over the phone. Numb Nuts didn't even have the common courtesy to bring the child to the class himself, instead he got school safety to do it for him.

Children First making a difference!

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