Thursday, October 23, 2008

Who's Next?

I was thinking about The Who today. Wish I had seen them in their heyday. My first day of high school was the day after Keith Moon died. It led the morning announcements. I mean how cool could that be? I probably could have seen them if I wanted at Shea in 1982. They were still The Who as far as I was concerned even though they had Kenney Jones at drums. But my mom was dying of cancer then and my head was elsewhere. But finally I saw them in 1996 at MSG doing Quadrophenia in its entirety. What a show! No Jones, but now they had Zak Starkey, Ringo's son, on drums.

So why thinking of The Who? The greatest rock anthem ever, "Won't Get Fooled Again." Just the title is so appropriate to what the teachers are feeling at my school. And the lyrics? Let's take a look.

With our children at our feet / And the morals that they worship will be gone /And the men who spurred us on / Sit in judgement of all wrong

Our students, those who we are supposed to be there for there morals are being corrupted by the Numb Nuts of the world. The Numb Nuts, the John Deacons, sit in judgement of us.

For I know that the hypnotized never lie

The Kool-Aid drinkers think they are so truthful, but they have been at the Kool-Aid trough too long.

And the world looks just the same / And history ain't changed

More things change the more the stay the same.

What is most striking is the album cover. For I feel that the teachers, not just in my school, but the entire city feel like that obelisk on the cover.

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