SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Does Amy Mcintosh Have a Conflict of Interest?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Does Amy Mcintosh Have a Conflict of Interest?

We all know that Amy Mcintosh is the person at Tweed that has devised the Zagat's guide to rating teachers. But what is not known is that there is a possible conflict, something that is hush hush. And who better to uncover what should not be known other than the crack investigative team here.

Amy Mcintosh is married to Jeffrey Toobin, talking newshead at CNN, and author of "The Nine", amongst other books. But nowhere in Mr Toobin's biography's is it noted that his wife is the Zagat reviewer of NYC teachers. Not here, or here. or even here. I find it strange. I would be quite proud of my wife if she were able to hold such a lofty position without the requisite skills. But why do you ask does this matter?

Mr Toobin has previously worked for the Department of Justice.

So has Joel Klein.

Mr Toobin has graduated from Harvard.

So has Joel Klein.

Jeffrey Toobin works for CNN which is owned by Time-Warner.

Time-Warner owns NY1.

Time-Warner also owns Time Magazine.

Time-Warner also has one of the biggest cable contracts with NYC

Is there a possibility that the reporting of the NYC DOE has not been fair and balanced?

IMHO, all are relevant questions.

Has anyone seen Thomas Pynchon of late?

Yeah, still being cryptic.

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