Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Joel, Why?

If I were to tell how many out of classroom administrators, coaches, etc... for such a small school population you would be shocked. John Deacon has decided, without any input from the school based support team, the chapter chair, or anyone, to announce to hires today. All the hires are redundant to what we have in the school.

The worse part is that the students have zero textbooks, the teachers are allowed one ream of paper the entire year, there are no computers, and no supplies for teachers. All we hear is,"there is no money available." How is this possible, when three created out of the blue, redundant positions are filled? When you have a man, Mr FG, who can't speak or write proper English teaching writing to students? Isn't it a requirement to speak and write English proficiently to teach how to write in English? Well, Duh!!

Joel Klein
wished to give more power to principals. What Joel failed to realize is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thanks Joel for showing how to put children first.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Principals aren't corrupted by power! They come to be principals already corrupted. In my 20 year tenure with the DOE I have not worked for one worth shit! Klein
knows how bad most of these principals are but he also knows they follow orders and that is what is important above everything else is--- following orders!

Pete Zucker said...

Follow orders? I wonder where we have heard that before.