Monday, October 13, 2008

Mom Has Spoken

The Dude's mom has made it clear on Friday that she is not going to sign anything to remove The Dude from special ed. She has even realized that the setting he is in, is better than where he was (thanks to Candy), she did not like the how she was being pressured into signing away her and The Dude's rights.

Hey if The Dude is to be moved no better place to be in than with Candy. But why can't this be done for the right reasons? Not the cover our collective asses, hide our heads in the sand reasons, but truly because this is what is best for The Dude.

We have such a top heavy school, with positions filled by such incompetent people that actions that are done with The Dude are the norm, not the exception. Would something like this ever happen in Bronxville, Scarsdale, or Dobbs Ferry? NO! These people are concerned with only one thing. Preserving their own status quo. They only feign interest in the students, keep up appearances to the outsiders. The law states that a child to be removed from special ed. must be tested out. The Dude has not been tested out, nor are there any plans to do it. So then why is Numb Nuts at the forefront to move The Dude? So Numb Nuts has less aggravation. That is it. And that is all it will ever be.

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue

In due time, in due time.

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