SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: A Wednesday Night Rant And Other Stuff

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Wednesday Night Rant And Other Stuff

This past Friday, Numb Nuts gave PD on Lee Canter method of Assertive Discipline. Ironic that he is the one giving the PD. Oh, for you civilians, PD is professional development. The reason it is so ironic is that when he does lunch duty what he teaches and preaches he doesn't put into practice. You can actually see the veins in his forehead start to bulge and pulsate. Like those dudes on Star Trek. Also out in the yard as well he gets insane. The students have told me that all he does is yell, and never means what he says.

The Dude is a mess. Keeps running out of class, is in the halls, causing problems in his new class. No one cares except the teacher he is with right now. Assertive discipline you say? His teacher Candy, she rocks! She is so organized, so knowledgeable, so loved by her students that she is in fact too good to be a teacher in our school. But she has twenty other students in her class. She can't spend all her time assertively disciplining The Dude, especially when she gets zero support from administration. The law is being not just being broken, but being ignored to suit the powers that be agendas. Call me old fashioned, but when a law is broken the cops should be called and the lawbreakers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Oh the contract was not only violated today. Big time. Just pissed on.

The teacher in the 12:1:1 class I feel so sorry for. Most of the students in that class are just not properly placed. Numb Nuts is not doing anything about it. Just like he didn't do anything about four students that were completely out of control in a teacher's class today. He just stuck his head in, said something stupid and meaningless and left. But back to that teacher who I shall call Saint. The school does not understand what a good teacher she is and how she is not getting any support whatsoever. She doesn't deserve what is not being done. She didn't deserve what happened today. Not by a long shot.

Oh one more thing.

Has anyone seen J D Salinger?

Yeah I know, I am being cryptic. All in good time.

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