SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: John Deacon and Snack Cakes

Monday, October 27, 2008

John Deacon and Snack Cakes

Seems we need to be watching out for our goodies at South Bronx School. It is becoming increasingly clear that John Deacon does not like anyone that has a Ding Dong, Yodel or Ho Ho's. It seems that if you are the owner of one of these snack cakes you can expect to be harassed simply because you have one.

I don't understand why John Deacon has a problem with these particular form of snack cakes. Perhaps it is because these cakes are chocolate. But then when I think about it, John Deacon has a problem with Twinkies as well. Even the elusive, rarely seen, devil's food Twinkie. Even snack cakes made by Bimbo's seems to irk John Deacon.

How could someone not like these snack cakes? I think it might be that John Deacon has not bit into one in quite some time and has forgotten how tasteful it can be. Especially the cream filling that is found inside. John Deacon must get over the prejudice that John Deacon has with snack cakes and come to realize that there are advantages to embracing these cakes.

All John Deacon wants is mindless yes people and this.

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Ash said...

How about instead of John getting over the cakes just get over yourself and this “oh I have to find something wrong with this guy I don't even know” thing. John is wonderful. I hope to meet him one day. Im 12 and I can let this petty nonsense go. Can you?