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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Open To Interpretation

On Wednesday when we had our illegal after school professional development in vis a vis the subversion of certain chancellor's regulations and state laws, I politely reminded Numb Nuts which regs and laws are specifically being violated. Numb Nuts blabbered back to me in his best party line, memorized, rhetoric way that the school is not in any way breaking any rules. I then reminded him that yet again he is incorrect, politely, and explained that I have more than once read the relevant regs and laws. I guess it was at this point that the hamster in the wheel started running faster because he came up with a most brilliant response.

"We have decided ourselves how to interpret chancellor's regulations and state law."

Great answer. This coming from someone who has, for lack of a better word, sworn to serve to for the betterment of children comes up with this line? And it is just not him, remember he is just parroting the party line of the politburo. Is this acceptable? Who decides which regs and laws are open to interpretation? I had always assumed it was God. But now the politburo get to pick and choose which regs and laws they have to follow? Aren't we right now in this country upset with W. and The Dick who have decided when and how to use to the Constitution for their own means? Great, now their ethics and morals have trickled down.

Starting Tuesday I choose to pick and choose which regs and laws I choose to follow. I shall arrive late, and leave when I decide. Lunch will be two hours along with the requisite two martinis in the teacher's lounge. Shaken, not stirred of course. I can, and any teacher should be able, to do anything we want!! Better yet, why not teach the students that if there is a law or anything they don't agree with, that they can decide to interpret that law or better yet not follow it at all.

This school is so Kafkaesque.

Where is Brian Wilson?

Oh the cryptic stuff again.

Stay tuned.

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