Saturday, October 25, 2008

Numb Nuts At It Again

A few weeks ago Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a "category 5 moron". I think that Numb Nuts is holds that dubious distinction with her. Can this administrator abdicate his responsibilities any more? I can't sit and and believe that no one has noticed, not a school administrator, and district administrator, anybody. Numb Nuts just takes up space. He is useless. But then again I really shouldn't be when administrators are not held accountable.

I was walking up a stairwell and saw a young boy, a boy that I don't know that well, alone, and looking for Numb Nuts. I inquired as to where he was going and this is when he told me he wanted to ask Numb Nuts something. I took the boy with me and walked to Numb Nuts office. No Numb Nuts. We went to the main office. No Numb Nuts. I decided to take him back to his class and as we were walking Numb Nuts magically appeared before my very eyes. I asked Numb Nuts where the young man was supposed to be, Numb Nuts said, "his class", that the boy was not with him at all. OK I thought to myself I told Numb Nuts I will walk the boy back and I did.

Upon returning with the young man to his class I explained to the teacher where I had found the wayward student and what he was in search of. That the boy told me that he left the classroom in search of the elusive Numb Nuts. The teacher told me that was not true, that the boy had not left the class alone, but had earlier with Numb Nuts. I then raised an eyebrow in a curious way as Mr Spock does when he sees Captain Kirk.

Here is the $64,000 question. Where the f*** was Numb Nuts and why is this boy, a boy that is known to run around the school, alone at any time? And if the boy did run from Numb Nuts, why was there no one curious as to where the boy was?

Instant karma dude.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Numb Nuts has to be a good friend of the principal. The principal covers up for adminstrators like these! I have seen it all before.

Anonymous said...

He's lucky that the boy didn't just walk right out of the school! Any number of things could have happened at that point. Totally irrisponsible.