SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Amy Mcintosh's Qualifications Unearthed!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Amy Mcintosh's Qualifications Unearthed!

The crack team here at did some major investigating over the weekend to see if something was overlooked in Amy Mcintosh's sparkling resume. that perhaps she did hold a position of importance that would make her qualified to rate teachers based on very subjective means.

After reading the information, I offer a hearty apology to Ms Mcintosh. At no time should I have inveighed sarcasm and derision over her qualifications. And for those of you that did, either by laughing your fannies off, or just wet themselves laughing so hard in front of a computer monitor I have only one thing to say. Shame on you.

Amy Mcintosh was Zagat's CEO at one point. From October, 2000:

"I've been a long-time user of the familiar burgundy guidebooks, as well as, and like everyone else have found the Surveys indispensable, wholly reliable, and fun to use," Ms. McIntosh said.

Click here for entire story.

Warning, please do not be drinking or eating something while reading. May cause food or drink to be released through nostrils.

So I guess using that logic, she is qualified to work for the DOE because in first grade she used a primer.

But here is the problem. Why not use a Zagat's type rating for teachers instead of what she is suggesting? Zagats reviews have Food, Decors, Service, and Price. For teachers you can have basically the same.

Food, you can have just a rating for the administrators of the school. Like are children actually put first(if someone has a better idea feel free to post it!).

Decors could be the classroom and the overrated bulleting board.

Service could been not only a student's performance, but those things you can't measure like a teacher working all weekend long, or at night, or on their honeymoon.

Price, that be how many hundreds of dollars a teacher spends on their classroom, how many hours multiplied by per session a teacher should receive for all those long hours put in on their own time.

Ms Mcintosh, I apologize for mocking your qualifications.


Anonymous said...

You are a ridiculously stupid and uninformed blogger who shouldn't be talking about stuff that s/he doesn't know about. At the same time you spread misinformation to all of your followers and lead them to believe the horrible things about people/personnel and DOE policies. If you take a good look at yourself and the content you produce you can invariably liken it to what Bush or Cheney did with the American people about Iraq.

Please, this blog has no credibility as you do not present both sides of the story. Rather, your high and might, judgmental opinions rule the day and that's all that matters in the bubble that you live in in the south bronx.

In that case, damn....I feel sorry for you and your sad, cynical life.

ed notes online said...

This blogger doesn't have to tell me about the horrible people and policies at Tweed. I see them in action at every charter school location and school closing hearing. A more pathetic bunch can't be found anywhere else.