SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Time For The Cavalry

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time For The Cavalry

Oh what a day. Can it get worse? It certainly is not getting better. Rome is burning, Nero is fiddling and no one from the outside world cares. We are being overrun. All the students need to make official is a conch shell, a fat kid wearing glasses, and disprove the existence of the beast.

Frank made another threat to shoot a teacher today. It was suggested that may a call should be placed to his mother and that perhaps a mutual admiration society be formed. Numb Nuts poo pooed so condescendingly about Frank's latest threat with probably the stupidest statement I have heard in my years of teaching. Worse than the principal who wanted to make an announcement about keeping stool samples in the refrigerator in the parents room.

"He is 11 years old, what can he possibly do?" What can he possibly do? DUH! Does Numb Nuts have any idea of reality? Numb Nuts was quickly retorted thusly; "I am sure the school workers at Columbine wondered what a teenager could possibly do," before the massacre. In fact Numb Nuts there have been several school shooting by 13 year olds. Nothing came out of his mouth. He was totally pwn3d. Complete and to the point.

But wait, there is more Numb Nuts idiocy. The Detroit Lions Kid assaulted three teachers yesterday including his own. Two teachers punched in the stomach, one in the ankle. One of the teachers hit suffered an asthma attack. I am sure Numb Nuts didn't care, I mean what can happen from from silly old asthma? I mean the teacher who got the attack has got to be the nicest, sweetest, friendliest person I have ever met. This teacher helped me, went of of the way for me three years ago when I needed personal help. In fact her family who never met me did as well.And how is she repaid. In fact how are the other two repaid?

The Detroit Lions Kid spent the day with Numb Nuts. Yes you read that right. Just spent the day with Numb Nuts. But wait! If you keep on reading it gets even more botarded. Detroit Lions Kid was taken by Numb Nuts and tossed into another classroom by this morning. The teacher was not told why, or what happened. Is it not putting this teacher in danger. Well you ask, the child was occupied with work provided by Numb Nuts. Guess what? You know the answer.

At least he was kept out of the classroom, away from the teacher you might inquire. The Detroit Lions Kid was brought back to the students classroom in the afternoon. But didn't he assault his teacher? Is it plausible, if not possible, that this student might turn violent again? I mean these are all valid points one should think through before making a dumb ass decision like this.

Yeah, Detroit Lions Kid got violent with a student. Punched the kid in the stomach and then choked him. Numb Nuts came and took the boy. Where? Nowhere. It happened during dismissal. So no consequences.

The students need a Ralph. Had enough of Jack.

Where is Bill Watterson when you need him?

Not to worry. Getting close to revealing my thinking.


Anonymous said...

Why is this child still in school? After so many offenses, wouldn't expulsion be in order? It's clear that this child needs more severe punishment. He clearly understands what he's saying in his threats. Maybe the mother would take better action if her child were kicked out of school. Or better yet, if she were held responsible for his actions. Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

sounds like LORD of the FLIES has nothing on this place. SMH= Shaking my head!