SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Amy McIntosh Must Come Clean!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amy McIntosh Must Come Clean!

Oh Amy McIntosh, the winner of the 2008 SBSB Unqualified To Be In Education award, when are you going to come clean? What not make public your lack of qualifications (here too!) and the conflict of interest you have with Time Warner in the case of your husband Jeffrey Toobin.

Why is this a big deal? In the upcoming Time Magazine, which just happens to be owned by Jeff's employee, there is a love letter written about Washington DC school chief Syngman Rhee. Coincidently, Rhee happens to be one of Klein's sycophants, and was recommended for the position by Der Chancellor himself. But that is not all there is from Time.

If we enter the wayback machine, and travel to October, we see yet another article in Time concerning UFT members wishing to show support for their preferred presidential candidate. Now why would Time make such a big deal of this? It is a local issue, not a national one. Who planted the story?

See this is the problem Amy. It is time for you to come clean and fess up to any and all conflicts of interest you might have. I have taken the first step for you and exposed your relationship with Time Warner, now it is your turn to admit it and any other conflicts you might, and probably do have.

I also think sharing with others what you think your qualifications are to be in education will be a good first step as well.

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Anonymous said...

She married into the Tribe. She thinks she is special now.