SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: I Feel So Frustrated

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Feel So Frustrated

Today I had to cover a class, that kindergarten 12:1:1 class I have mentioned previously. The students were taking their after lunch nap and myself and three other paras stayed next to the rambunctious students to prevent any mayhem.

I drew short straw and got to watch The King. The King's favorite phrase is "f**k you bitch" which I am sure he does not get from watching SpongeBob. So there I am and suddenly The King starts to shout "Bite It" repeatedly. Looking down I see that his ding a ling is out and he is stroking it in a manner that is not conducive to the educational process. Assuming that this is a matter that should not be ignored I attempt to notify several of our hydra headed AP's. I get no response. Unfortunately I then was left with nothing else other than notifying Numb Nuts.

I bring The King to his office figuring that Numb Nuts would take a manner of a five year old student stroking his ding a ling seriously. Oh how wrong I was. Numb Nuts response to me was, "so what do you want me to do about it?" For a second or two I just stared at him dumb founded, perplexed that a supposed administrator is incapable of taking any kind of leadership position. I said he need not worry that I will take care of this. He said thank you and let me leave his office with The King. About ten minutes later he came down stairs and after confirming with a para that The King was diddling his doodle took decisive action in taking The King to his office and then sending Mrs Met with an "official school anecdotal" form for me to fill out. But strangely at no time did he ask me to fill out a DOE incident report. Only after relaying this incident to my chapter chair did I fill one out.

Here's the catch. This is being taken not seriously. It is a "boy being a boy" experimenting with his doodle. Guess what? Again, for the second time in a week I call bullsh**! I was a boy and this is not happen. Neither is "f**k you bitch!", or "f**ker", or "I am going to take my belt and beat you". The King is getting this from somewhere. You think ACS is going to be called? No way. Never. Ever. Will.

But guess what a little birdie told me today? The King's IEP states that he must be in District 75 in an 8:1:1: setting. December is almost here. Think he will be moved soon?

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