Monday, November 10, 2008

Check This Out

I swear on a stack of bibles I am not making anything up in this blog. I am not that creative. Well, I am, but this stuff is just out of my realm.

Today, and as I have learned several times in the recent past, a student that had a superintendent's suspension was sent to our school because whomever thought that we had a SAVE room. That whomever was incorrect. We have here a student that needed to be removed from his school for the simple fact that he is a danger to the educational process at his school. He needs to be isolated. Yet he still needs to do work, and to learn. That is the carrot and the stick of the SAVE room. Does this happen in our school? Of course not. This morning Numb Nuts drops him off unexplained in a class. No papers, no reason, no nothing. Is he grade appropriate? Does he have work from his school? That I do not know, though I would doubt it. The teacher asked Numb Nuts about why is this kid not in a SAVE room. Numb Nuts replied, "The law states he does not have to be sent to a SAVE room." He is an assistant principal and he is not familiar with state law, and chancellor's regulations? I am myself shocked and appalled! On top of this the special visitor was a major behavioral problem throughout the day.

Let's now examine the extended day of today. A student, Logan, bolted out of his classroom. Numb Nuts took complete control of the situation like a good numb nuts that he is. He made many, many announcements admonishing, and cajoling that Logan to return to his classroom. I was busy working with students, well not really, all his announcements actually were quite distracting, and slowed the learning process. Anyway the safety officer was looking for the kid, but no one else. Eventually Logan was found somewhere. Where was John Deacon? Rumor has it that John Deacon is on an educational fact finding mission on the beaches of Waikiki. But it is reported that Numb Nuts said that no one should worry, that we know Logan is still in the building. He said this without one iota of proof.

I am so proud that this man is my supervisor. I just feel so humble that everyday when I go to work I am afforded the opportunity of source material to write about in this blog. Numb Nuts, without you this blog would not exist. I am eternally indebted to you.

So what you think Randi?

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

You did not make that up becuase that has happen at my august institution of higher learning.