SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Return of the Dude

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Return of the Dude

This post is not going to be how The Dude is being totally f***ed educationally by the administration, which he is. No it shall be something completely different. Today's post will about corporal punishment and those that get away with it. Hmm, that sounds like a topic for the next Jerry Springer Show.

So here we have The Dude walking down the stairwell to go outside for lunch. His grade goes outside before it eats and Numb Nuts goes outside with his grade. Anyhoo, The Dude does something to annoy, irritate, or something or other to Numb Nuts. Since Numb Nuts does not have the mental fortitude to handle human children, Numb Nuts resorts to what he does best. Get physical with a child.

So whilst The Dude is at the bottom of the stairs in his irritating mode Numb Nuts grabs The Dude by the arm and drags him. Now I am not sure if The Dude was dragged off the stairs, or if he was off the stairs and dragged. But in the midst of being dragged Numb Nuts tore The Dude's shirt. Did I see it? No. But I heard about it by several other reliable sources, and The Dude confirmed most of what happened. Now ask yourself this question, "why A Teacher In The Bronx should one be concerned with such happenings?"

Because this is not the first time, nor do I think it will be the last time that Numb Nuts grabs a student. As I have mentioned before in several other posts, Numb Nuts seems to have a propensity at grabbing and dragging students when he gets upset.

"But A Teacher In The Bronx, we all have gotten mad at a student and lost our heads". Yes, or maybe not. But here is the difference. Numb Nuts is not some first year teacher. As he likes to remind others, "I have had a highly distinguished career as a teacher in special education before I became an assistant principal." Road apples! I call bullsh**! He is an administrator, he is held to a higher standard no matter what he wants to believe he is, or what he thinks he can do.

Why or how does he consistently get away with a plethora of corporal punishment charges and verbal abuse charges? If he was just a lowly (his thoughts of teachers, he believes that his feces is without odor!) teacher his ass would be sitting in the rubber room so fast. He bit the bullet two years ago and he has learned absolutely zero. I know of teachers who have been sent away for much, much less than he has done.

The Dude did the right thing and reported it to John Deacon. John Deacon received a written statement from The Dude and I guess now all that is left is a waiting game for The Dude, John Deacon, and Numb Nuts. But surely one would ask, what about mom? What has been her take on this whole sordid affair? Nothing. Know why? Because at no time was mom ever notified by John Deacon that her son was assaulted. I might be incorrect, and tell me if I am wrong, but that seems a wee bit f***ed up not to at least notify mom.

Can't people ever do the right thing?

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

You say this is happening in da Bronx.! Hope and pray that he assulats the wrong kid and the the kids family comes to the school and gives the ass-kicking he so richly deserves.

I agree there are teachers who are in the rubber room and have never ever done ahything like what you describe NN does but than again they don't have a principal to protect them!