SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: I Met A Grown Up This Morning

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Met A Grown Up This Morning

This morning I played some two hand touch football with the guys at the local high school. Several of the guys are teachers in the Bronx. In fact the guy who invited me to play, Lex Luthor, a good friend of mine is a teacher and he invited his assistant principal to play with us.

Can you imagine Numb Nuts playing football with the guys? Anyway, I got into a conversation with the grown up AP and put forth to him the scenario concerning when the Big O went to go pee pee. He explained that he has the mental capacity to understand that one would not take a plan book with them to make a pee pee. That at worst, he would wait until after the pee pee is deposited and then ask for the lesson plans once the person is back in the classroom. Wow, as Robin Williams says, "reality, what a concept!" I guess this AP doesn't feel that he has some major physical shortcoming to make up for and feels confidant in his ability to do the job.

I wonder how if he drags students through the halls. Nah!

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