SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: My Union and My Goodies

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Union and My Goodies

I just got kicked in my goodies by my union today. I filed a grievance several weeks ago. John Deacon never scheduled a step I meeting. I guess it should automatically go to Step II or III or whatever it is called now. Today I got a certified letter in from the Bronx UFT. It stated, "the grievance committee of the borough feels that your case can't be successfully pursued." But my case is concerning coverages, that it must be rotational. Says so clear as day in the contract. Besides, we never had a step I!!! Mrs Claus does pick and choose her battles. In fact my eight years in the district I don't remember once there being an election for Mrs Claus. This is the second time the ball has been dropped by the borough office. I need to start wearing a cup. A titanium one at that.

I mean what should I think or others in my school think? We were promised that John Deacon will have a talk with about the lack of a SAVE room so a grievance on that is put on hold, we were told that the Big Cheese of the union is coming, ain't been no coming. A first one or a second one.

Maybe I am being sacrificed by the union. Or the teachers of the school. So glad to see my union dues hard at work. Gives me a warm fuzzy inside. Except for my goodies.


Daphne said...

I really really enjoy your blog! Keep it up :-) As a Bronx public school teacher, your humor makes the situations some of us face bearable! If you are interested, check our my new blog at Keep up your wonderful work!

Pete Zucker said...

Hey thanks.It is much appreciated. I read your blog and I like the contrasting style to mine. Hang in there!

ed notes online said...

Waiting for the UFT? Good luck. I was clued into your blog by a mutual acquaintance who mentioned the UFT issues. Wonderful stuff. Keep hammering away. If you need assistance, which means threatening to embarrass the UFT which is all about stopping bad PR, holler.

Pete Zucker said...

I am more out to get expose the administration of my school than looking to jam the UFT. Knowing me I will have to rescind my claim of gonad kicking when I find out what really happened. Yes there are times the UFT pisses me off. But what I find more alarming is the unfettered power administrators have.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Give em hell and I'll see you in da rubber room!