Friday, November 7, 2008


Yet another blatant Who rip-off by me. Today we had six teacher absences. Big deal you say, all that means is six substitutes to educate the children. Oh wait. I forgot. We are not allowed to call in for subs. Anyway from what has been explained we have no money for subs. Where has that 28K we have set aside for subs gone? Oh, the F Status lackeys, cronies, and sycophants. Screw the students, take care of your friends.

So without any further adieu, and with apologies to Pete Townshend, I bring you the NYC DOE's version of the hit 1966 Who song "Substitute".

I think I am pretty good for your school
I think your school has the budget

But I'm a substitute for another school
Your school has the money but won’t use it
The simple things you see are all self involved
Your classes are split, the children are ignored, yeah

Substitute your lies for fact
I can see right through your F status
I look all right, but the class was split
Your lame explanation is full of crap

You are misappropriating school funds
The third grade class was split up, and the first grade had mass prep
And now you dare to look us in the eye
Those crocodile tears are what you cry
It's a genuine problem, you won't budge
To work it out at all you just spend it on kids, spend it now

Substitute one for class
Substitute one for kids
Substitute you for the kids
At least they’ll get my learning done

Just in case, the real song.


Anonymous said...

Boy, you seem to have a lot of time on your hands for school observations. I bet some of those teachers would love that job.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

LOL in a school in crisis very little gets done!

Pete Zucker said...

Don't have time. Just very observant. Perhaps the administration can give me less material to work with.