SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Tony Is Getting Screwed

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tony Is Getting Screwed

Tony got a superintendents suspension for kicking or hitting a safety officer. He was sent to another school in which there was no SAVE room and placed in a third grade class without any work, and worse, without the services he must have according to his IEP, federal law, and chancellor's regulations. Since he is a busing student, a bus is not available to take him to this temporary school and dad must drive him.

He has been out of the school about ten days now without a hearing. His hearing was originally scheduled for tomorrow but from what I have heard John Deacon does not plan on coming to work tomorrow so the hearing is now going to be December 2nd. Maybe John Deacon will be absent as well on Wednesday? Anyhoo, think about this. Is Tony, even though he is a major pain in the butt, deserving of this treatment? Dad is pissed as hell. In fact he was in the school today and the principal, John Deacon, refused to meet with him. But you ask, what about this past Thursday which was parents night? It appears that not only did John Deacon refuse to meet with Tony's dad, but refused to meet with other pissed off parents as well. John Deacon enjoys the rich comfort of the bunker.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Wow! nothing has changed since I left da Bronx twenty years ago! Nada!