Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Albany is coming to the school for breakfast tomorrow morning. Not the entire city, just the people from Albany who are considered influential and advantageous. Why you ask yourself are the super duper big shots coming to my school. One word. Breakfast. Oh yeah, and air conditioning. Wait, that is three words. Or two if you hyphenate air-conditioning. AM I making sense?

John Deacon has invited every big shot that represents anyone south of Fordham Rd to the school because John Deacon wants central air conditioning for the school. It doesn't matter that Albany is cutting state aid to schools by over $300 million or that the city is having schools cut 2% from their budgets. John Deacon wants AC for everyone. How can you not see the leadership qualities of John Deacon in spearheading this initiative?

So what if the students do not have any books, materials, or a curriculum. To hell with the fact that in our school we do not have any working Xerox machines. Crocodile tears for the teachers who are allowed one ream of paper for the entire school year. Are the students prepared for the 21st century technologically? No freakin' way! Screw purchasing computers for the classrooms and software. As long as we have central AC the students will be able to ace any and all standardized tests and have John Deacon smelling like a rose instead of the pile of cow dung that John Deacon really is. John Deacon is a fine leader that knows how to prioritize the school needs. We see this every day this drive to prioritize the children's needs by having 35 F status teachers, 21 assistant principals, and one, yes ONE administrative teacher that no one in the school can figure out what she does. If anyone does know please let me know. I am desperate for knowledge.

I wonder if there will be an omelette station tomorrow morning.

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