SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Hey Mister, Can You Spare $230,000?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey Mister, Can You Spare $230,000?

Two hundred thirty thousand dollars. Say that ten times fast. Nice chunk of change to have. Would anyone object to winning that in New York's Mega Millions? Imagine what you can do with that kind of money. I wonder what my school can do with that, but I know it is just a dream. Unfortunately we at my school will never know. That's because that is the amount I have conservatively estimated is spent on the two extra AP's and what would be a secretary's salary if we did not have the "administrative teacher".

How many extra teachers would we have? Heck, we would have more room because the useless three are taking up space. The 12:1:1 classes would be able to move into smaller quarters and there will be classroom space opened up. Perhaps we would be able to hire more reading specialists, or actually have math and reading coaches.

Hey I bet the school can get about two hundred and seventy five computers for that money. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit. I mean you have to buy the service and the software, but at least the lower grades will no longer go without computers in their classroom. Better yet, instead of desktop or laptop computers, each student in the school can have their own hand held computer. In fact hand helds are the way to go nowadays. But we will never know at my school because the money is being pissed away.

But noooooooooooo!!!! The children's needs do not come first. The adults, the incompetent, useless adults come first. Taking care of those who do thy bidding John Deacon, is that all that matters to you? Wake up and smell the coffee already! There is no curriculum, there are no supplies, the students are not being prepared for the 21st century. But you see fit to shell out $230,000? Bravo John Deacon. Do you manage your household expenses in such a laissez faire manner? I doubt it.

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