Friday, November 28, 2008

No. 2 Pencil

There is this kid, sweet as can be, a big heart, a boy who is just dying for affection and approval that when he does not get his way he explodes. I am going to call him RCA. Why? Cause I can't think of anything better.

During lunch Wednesday RCA gets pissed and throws a pencil at a teacher, The Nun. I don't know why. I don't know the details. What I do know is The Nun followed all procedures to a T. Well really all except one. But it is not her fault. She couldn't send RCA to the SAVE room because there is not a SAVE room. But what she does do is fill out the DOE incident report as she should, and since John Deacon decided to start John Deacon's Thanksgiving holiday (and John Deacon left early at 3 30 both Monday and Tuesday) at noon yesterday she handed it to Numb Nuts. This is where it gets interesting.

Numb Nuts looked at the logo on the form and told The Nun that the form she filled out is the wrong form. That he can't accept it because, ready for this reasoning? Instead of saying "Department of Education" it says, "Board of Education". But these are the forms the UFT told us to fill out. The Nun asks Numb Nuts for the proper form. Numb Nuts responds that he does not know which form is proper, nor is he aware of which one to use. The Nun goes and gets our union rep, Norma Rae for assistance. Norma Rae tells Numb Nuts that this is the correct form, and that he must accept it. He tells Norma Rae that she would not be taking this stand if John Deacon had not pulled an Elvis. Norma Rae tells Numb Nuts that she would and that he must accept the form.

Here is what I see as the problem. One, Numb Nuts does not wish to accept it because that would mean work for him. An incident report must be submitted within 24 hours and a control number will be given. Two, Numb Nuts is clueless as to proper procedure and this shows how in over his head he is and that as an assistant principal he should know all regulations, procedures like the back of his hand. Lastly, three. And I think this is the most credible. There is a massive cover up of student behavior in the school. Part of the reason we do not have the SAVE room. The administration wants to sweep problems under the rug, hope problems go away. If there is no paper trail, it means it never happened. They know teachers get lazy and that the incident reports are the last things on our minds at the end of the day.

Also, I think that Numb Nuts is just incompetent.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Reading your blog I am thankful that I am in the rubber room and on sabbatical from it!

Last year at my failing institution of higher learning two teachers had their personal lap tops stolen, they were told that had to have lap tops to do their duties and like fools they brought to school, well before you could say Jack Robinson they were stolen by some of our "Road Scholars".
The turd that was once principal of my school convinced them not to go to the police or file any paperwork. I hope neither teacher had anything remotely embarrassing
or confidential on those lap tops.

Closing the door to your room and letting kids abuse you is no way to make a living!