SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Priorities Update

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Priorities Update

No one showed. It must suck to give a party, make a big deal of who is invited, imply that they are coming, and have no one show. The big breakfast this morning, the hundreds spent for breakfast was all for naught. As Nelson says, "Ha Ha!" I guess the politicians had other things to do this morning. Like having boils lanced off their buttocks.

One did show up, but without naming names, this assembly member is basically useless. In fact anyone from the New York State Assembly is useless. They don't do anything unless Sheldon Silver tells them to so it is safe to say that the member who showed was there for the free grub. And the rumor that there was to be an omelette station.

John Deacon had custodians arrive at 4 AM to prepare the school, had the PA get everything ready, have everyone wear special school T shirts and John Deacon was dressed as if the prettiest girl at the prom. Oops, forgot there were some others there. Mainly some DOE deadheads, and a few other principals. A good time by all it wasn't.

Ok I am tired now. But coming soon the skinny on today's parent-teacher conferences and how John Deacon hid in the bunker.

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