SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: If You See Something, Say Something

Saturday, February 21, 2009

If You See Something, Say Something

Calling OSI is a waste in regards to Numb Nuts continuing habit of assaulting students. I refuse to call it corporal punishment. It is assault. The report will get lost in the labyrinth of OSI.

Call 911. Simple as that. The next time you see a student assaulted or a student reports to a teacher of assault by Numb Nuts call 911. Let NYPD deal with this. Don't think for a moment that the administration will protect you and not call NYPD if the situation ever arises. By having NYPD involved, the parent will be called and best, there will not be the Nixonian cover-up.


Anonymous said...

Hey you can call the Bronx District Attorney's office. Bet there is a young, hotshot, ADA there who wants to make a name for him or herself. No better way then prosecuting an assistant principal for physically abusing students.

Anonymous said...

I was assaulted in a school and NOTHING was done. No one was called. So yeah, from now on, if you see something, say something. Otherwise, you are part of the problem.

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Unless you are prepared to be a target and unless you have "cojones"--
big ones(you get the idea)look the other way as most people do.
Not saying this is right but from experience.