Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Fix Is In! Part 2

When I was a youngling, well actually 21 I was enjoying life far away from home in the SUNY system. One evening upon returning to my dorm I stopped by a room to say hi to the guys. I was standing in the door when suddenly out of the blue came the big headed resident assistant and told us we were all busted. Busted for having too many people in a room whilst alcohol was present.

The rule was no more than eight in the room. I was the ninth, even though I was standing in the door. The alcohol was a garbage can filled with a liner that contained a Blue Whale. For those who do not know a Blue Whale is vodka, Blue Curacao liqueur, orange juice. Tasty! Since all of us in that room were on probation from the first week of the semester for having 30 people in a room with 200 empties, and another two cases of beer to drink, our prospects did not look very good. And there was also other stuff we did. I think it involved a midget, an amputee, and Jell-O. But I digress.

What were we to do? The resident director really hated us. But he was hated by the other RD's that made up the council that was to hear our case. This was good. Because one night whilst delivering a pizza to another RD I told him of our plight. He told me not to worry, that he will see to it that we are exonerated. After my shift that night I told the guys not to worry. We then celebrated with a case of Labatt's Blue. Oh, and a week later we had the hearing. All went according to plan. We were just told to stay away from trouble. We didn't.

So why do I share this with the loyal readers of this blog? Compare this story and the story of the quality review in my school. Notice a difference? Something was fixed about college hijinks, or whatever it is that has gone awry. All who was affected were some drunken college kids and moron RD. It was fun, it was college.

But the fix in my school. Two middle aged women who ought to know better, something that is unethical, if not immoral, and conspiratorial has been perpetrated not only on the community, the teachers, but worse, on the children. These two culprits do not care one iota about Children First. All these two care about is taking care of one another, looking out for one another, and to hell with the children of the South Bronx if it will advance their own agenda.

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