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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Where is the outrage? The two people in the highest positions of educational leadership in NYC, Joel Klein and Randi Weingarten, both know of and are aware of the situation in my school and have done nothing to help the children. Oh yes there has been lip service, but the Tweed tactics of stall, delay, hide head in sand are apparent from the UFT.

There are just a few in my school that are doing all they can to facilitate change at my school. Sooner or later these teachers will just get to exasperated and give up. Go elsewhere. These teachers, including Mrs God, and Candy are two of the best teachers I have seen. They give their all, not just as teachers, but as people. Is this not the type of teacher Joel Klein wants?

Errol Louis of the Daily News has this blog sent to him. Today he had a great column about how school safety more or less uses excessive policing on students. But do you think for one moment he has inquired about students being assaulted (yes I am calling it that from now on) by an assistant principal? Wouldn't he care about the laws that are being broken, the regulations being ignored? Someone needs to get the word out. We thought we had someone from The Middle Kingdom, but we are being screwed.

I care about these students. I know I might not come across as if I do, but I truly do. What I am doing I am not doing for myself or any kind of adulation. I am doing it because the children of my school deserve the best. This is a great school, with great teachers ,and a real caring community. But the children are learning that they don't mean anything. That they are just being used to make administrators justify their own lack of skills. Kids are smart. Kids know the deal.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Brother I have been where you are now. I have screamed, called, wrote and blogged and technically I am on sabbatical from the rubber room for all my eforts to rid my school of a tin horn small minded Latin American styled dictator who called himself a "principal teacher"

We have to keep on fighting if we care about our city, nation and planet. We can not let the forces of darkness win!

Kudos to you! and I hope not to see you in the rubber room.