Friday, February 13, 2009

How Can This Be True?

A colleague of mine that is sitting in the Rubber Room found out what his "charges" are yesterday. Understand that these charges are still under investigation, that they are alleged, and contrary to the DOE's believes, innocent till proven guilty. He was charged with allowing students to run out of the class, and verbal abuse.

But loyal readers I ask this question. Why does this teacher sit in the Rubber Room? Why does this teacher have charges? Why am I asking these questions? Why is this teacher any different from what is going on in my school?

Students run around all day in my school, John Deacon knows about it and does nothing at all. Except when John Deacon's best friend is in the school and locks the kids away like one would the crazy aunt when company arrives. I would have to come to the conclusion that not only is John Deacon condoning such behavior, but is culpable in it as well.

John Deacon also covers up Numb Nuts physical abuses of students. Numb Nuts has several allegations of corporal punishment. He continues to get ever so close to the line. Why has he not stopped this deranged, anti-social behavior? Could it be that John Deacon condones said behavior? And if John Deacon condones said behavior, then John Deacon must be culpable in this behavior. I wonder if John Deacon thinks this is OK: CHECK THIS OUT!!

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Anonymous said...

Must the Principal hold an investigatory/disciplinary meeting?

What if this is never done?
How documented?

Must the Union participate during the invetigation? How documented?

In one case...the Rating Officer farmed it a Grade Supervisor...did not participate...
Found Teacher guilty...

Is this kosher?