Saturday, February 28, 2009

NYPD Knows

A student goes up to a teacher in my school and says, "Me and my gang are going to kill you." What does the teacher do? Better yet, what should the teacher do? Notify Numb Nuts of the indiscretion? Of course not. Numb Nuts will talk to the boy in his condescending, patronizing voice to the boy and ultimately do nothing. Perhaps Dear Principal, John Deacon might be notified? No, John Deacon is too busy holding up in its bunker to care or do anything other than being useless. So what should this teacher do?

The teacher did the right, and now the only thing to do. The phone was picked up and 911 was called. We are done dealing with incompetent, lazy, hide their head in the sand administrators. From now on when a teacher is either touched, or threatened 911 will be called. This should also be done whenever Numb Nuts touches a student.

The cops came an awoke Dear Principal John Deacon from some useless endeavor it was involved in. Unfortunately NYPD instead of sending Sipowicz and Simone sent Toody and Muldoon instead. They informed all involved that there is nothing that they can do, and that another city agency can't investigate another city agency. Yeah, sure. And I am the queen of England.

Remember, see something, say something. Keep calling 911 and the light stays shining on the school, and hopefully Numb Nuts can be in a perp walk.

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JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Nothing will be done until a teacher is killed during school hours in the building and then you will see.

Who the unlucky tacher will be is the question.