SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: If Only Christine Rubino Were a Cop in New York City

Monday, August 27, 2012

If Only Christine Rubino Were a Cop in New York City

Geez, sorry for not blogging for a week. I was a single father last week and priorities took precedence.

I wanted to blog this past Friday about a seeming hypocrisy coming from not only Uncle Mike, but from the New York media, especially the Daily News.

On Thursday, the News reported that 17 police officers were disciplined for leaving disparaging comments on Facebook last year in regards to those that make up the crowd at your typical West Indian Day Parade.

Comments ran the gamut. From calling the revelers, "savages" and "animals," to the more crude, “Kill them all,” and our favorite here at SBSB;
"I say have the parade one more year and when they all gather drop a bomb and wipe them all out.”
We'll come back to that last comment in a moment, but first a few thoughts. Funny how the Daily News failed to mention the names or out any of the officers names that left such asinine remarks.

But, the Daily News had no problems in wishing and hoping that Christine Rubino will be fired and left holding the bag. In fact, let's take some of the Daily News' own words about Chrstine and change them around to reflect the outrage and horror that should be written about these cops.
You would think a cop who openly expresses loathing for the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve even to the point of wishing them dead is unfit for the NYPD.

 Not in New York, where rules, regulations, arbitrations and court decisions bar the NYPD  from bouncing virtually anyone short of an ax murderer nabbed with a bloody weapon.

 These were not jokes or momentary outbursts of exasperation after a tough day at the parade. These were expressions of a sneering attitude that is anathema to a healthy, productive police officer-citizen relationship. Would the cop we refuse to name go the extra mile to help a citizen of color in trouble? 

Yep, cops good, teachers bad. 

We here at SBSB call for the Daily News to name these police officers, none of which has been fired, but have been reprimanded with penalties; "Six cops were slapped with command disciplines and seven officers received lower levels of punishment, which included 'letters of instruction,'” Oh yeah, and 4 are facing departmental trials of misconduct. Hey, wait, is anyone blaming the PBA for this right of due process?

More appalling is why we do not know the name of the cop, his command, his entire personal history, that uttered these words on Facebook;
"I say have the parade one more year and when they all gather drop a bomb and wipe them all out.”
We here at SBSB see the hypocrisy bandied about because these PERPS are NYPD cops. We are sure that Christine Rubino would have wished to be treated as a cop. If she had, she would not be worrying about where her children;s next meal is coming from, if she will have a roof over the heads of her children, and if Santa will be coming on Christmas Day.

While on the subject of Christine Rubino, we at SBSB proudly present another exclusive, the transcript of Day 2 of the 3020a kangaroo hearing. 


Francesco Portelos said...

Very interesting comparison. Missed you at the BBQ the other day.

reality-based educator said...

I couldn't help but think of your post when I read this story at The Guardian about the U.S. soldiers who burned Qur'ans and urinated on the bodies of alleged Taliban fighters:

"Six US army soldiers and three marines escaped criminal charges but received administrative punishments for mistakenly burning Qur'ans and urinating on the corpses of Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan, US military officials said Monday.

US military leaders widely condemned the incident revealed earlier this year. The Qur'an burning triggered riots and retribution killings: two US troops were shot by an Afghan soldier and two US military advisers were gunned down at their desks at the interior ministry.

The soldiers were disciplined for the burning of Qur'ans earlier this year at a US base in Afghanistan, and the marines were punished for their participation in a video that showed them urinating on Taliban corpses.

Discipline against a Navy sailor in the Qur'an burnings was dismissed, and the Marine Corps said it would announce discipline against additional Marines in the urination case at a later date.

The exact punishments were not disclosed on Monday but could include demotions, extra duty or forfeiture of pay. They could also stall any future advancement and end the military careers of the nine."

You'll notice how the actions of these men led to death and violence and yet, they still have their jobs - oh, and no Post or DN editorials calling for their heads.

It is always interesting to me to see the hypocrisy of our elites - teacher makes comment on FB, regrets it, pulls it down - she should be fired. Cops make comments that are much worse in degree, never apologize for them, get to keep their jobs. Soldiers and marines burn books and urinate on bodies, actions that lead to violence and death, we get crickets from the DN and Post.

Anonymous said...

We are mostly a union of women. My husband is NYPD (and Army Vet). I always said that their union would stand by them no matter what. Our union is plumping the pillows of all the people they are in bed with.

ed notes online said...

I wonder if the treatment of the cops compared to Christine can be used by her lawyer to amend her case.