Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two Day Circle Jerk

In the "olden days", well up until 2005 I believe, teachers did not have to report until the Tuesday after Labor Day. We sold our souls for more money and Bloomy and Kleiny wished us to come in for two extra days of PD---the so called "circle jerk." Why do I call it that? Because that is what it basically is. Teachers have no time to set up their classrooms, t o go over cumulative records of their students, meets as grades. Instead we we get as we did yesterday a horrible Power Point presentation of CFI, Children First Initiative and the affects it had on the school, by an incompetent, unqualified assistant principal. This AP only is qualified to be an AP for two reasons. One, he paid money to get his administrative license, and two he kissed ass like no one ever has. He has no idea of what the curriculum is, and no clue of how to manage behavior problems. In fact the students used to call him a soft behind his back!

As far as his Power Point presentation all I can say is WOW! It is really neat how you have the words move all different ways when you hit a key. That really got my attention! Didn't anyone ever teach you to "bullet" information on PP? Apparently not!

As far as CFI, I do see its point in targeting and understanding which children are doing well or need improvement on testing, but there is actually no such thing as children first in my school. It is each administrator, incompetent for themselves. Those who speak up, are taken down.

Hold you head above the crowd, they gonna take you down!

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