SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Bloomberg and the Final Solution for Teachers

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bloomberg and the Final Solution for Teachers

I might get reamed for this, but I feel this way, at times, and besides, only Mel Brooks could write "Springtime for Hitler" only I can write post. Bear with me, this post is going to be somewhat a stream of consciousness.

Not to long ago I read an amazing book, "Ghettostadt: Lodz and the Making of a German City." Basically the book chronicles the Nazi's ghettoizing Lodz, Poland and the systemic annihilation of the Jews of not only Lodz, but of Poland. With me so far? See the parallel?

There is a "Final Solution" in store for teachers, and public education that is being implemented. But instead of Hitler, we have Arne Duncan. Instead of the author of the real Final Solution Heinrich Himmler, we have Michael Bloomberg in his place. Instead of Hans Biebow running the ghetto, we have Joel Klein instead. See? Teaching, being a student, a parent anyone associated with the DOE, and not being on Klein's side, we have been put in a ghetto. But it gets better.

The Nazi's could not have succeeded in Lodz if it were not for the Judenräte enabling them. The UFT are the Judenrät, and the head of the Judenräte in Lodz was Chaim Rumkowski. But now instead of Chaim collaborating and enabling the regime we have Mike Mulgrew.

Now you ask, how can I compare Bloomberg and Klein, two Jews to Himmler and Biebow? Think about it, the teaching profession, at least at one time in NYC was predominantly Jewish. Who started the UFT and ran it for years? Jews. Bloomberg and Klein are two self-loathing Jews. Mulgrew, not a Jew. But, I wonder.

In Lodz Jews no longer deemed productive were sent to the camps. Who made the choice? Rumkowski did. Either through silent enabling, or choosing himself. In the world of the DOE teachers no longer deemed productive are sent to camps as well. Only these camps are the Rubber Rooms. Has anyone seen the Rubber Room at George Washington High School in Washington Heights? Trailers, fences, security gate, where's the difference between that and Auschwitz? Mulgrew in the role of Rumkowski is silent and sacrifices good teachers in collaboration with Klein in the role of Biebow, who answers to Himmler, er I meant to say Bloomberg.

Teachers clutch the metaphorical gates of the Rubber Rooms, till their fingers bleed, hoping that the horror will recede, hoping that tomorrow they will all be freed. FYI, that last sentence was paraphrased from Rush's 1984 hit song Red Sector A.

Rumkowski sold out the Jews of Lodz, as Mulgrew is doing, and he is enabling Klein and Bloomberg just as Biebow and Himmler had been enabled. But those two want to curry favor with Arne Duncan.


Anonymous said...

I heard that a new Federal lawsuit has recently been filed seeking to close the rubber rooms.

Do you have any information about this?

Chaz said...


I think you are a little over the top on this. They don't want to kill us just make us go away.

Pete Zucker said...

No, they do not want to kill us, just get rid of us. At least those over 40.

Another(Former)StuyStudent said...

This post is sickening.

Pete Zucker said...


Too bad. What Polazzo wrote was sickening. Only a Rat would write something like what he did. Don't like what is written, don't come around no more.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking along the lines of Bloomberg and Klein being analogous to Hitler and Goebbels. There is, at the least, a fascist dicatorship here in NYC. Former Stuy Student, don't come roun' here any more if you don't like what SBS has to say. As for me, I agree with SBS....most of one side of my family didn't leave Lodz in the early '30's when my grandfather was sending money and bringing them out of Poland; they all perished at Treblinka. I don't like the direction of this country at all. With wars on terror and national focus on test scores rather than actual achievement, intellect is attacked first so no one questions...sound familiar, Former Stuy Student? Brush up on your history, especially Germany from the end of WWI until the end of WWII.

Anonymous said...

In my school, just this past year, a Black principal replaced two Jewish, over 40, APs with one Black AP and one white, non-Jewish moron (female). He forced two other teachers into retirement (both over 40, one of them Jewish, he is openly harrassing three teachers, one non-Jeiwsh, but the other two both Jewish and over 40.
The Board of Ed is criminal and immoral...when I am out of the BOE, I am planning to cause such turmoil for those in charge, including my principal and his cronies that they will never work with children again.