SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Steiner Waves With One Finger To The People Of New York

Monday, November 29, 2010

Steiner Waves With One Finger To The People Of New York

A sad day today as New York State education commissioner David Steiner failed to show any backbone, any guts, any chutzpah and granted the waiver to be chancellor to The Talking Cathy Doll, Cathie Black.

The crack team at SBSB has read the report from David Steiner elaborating on his position of why he is granting the waiver to The Talking Cathie Doll, and we have taken umbrage, and quite some concern at some of what Steiner has written.

On page 7 of his report, Steiner cites, "Ms. Black does not possess a master's or higher degree."

This is bothersome. The Talking Cathy Doll graduated from college some 40 odd years ago and never once too the time to better herself, or even had the intellectual curiosity to pursue a master's?

But let's look at what Commisioner Steiner saw as The Talking Cathy Doll's qualifications.

On page 9 Steiner blabbered, "Throughout her extraordinarily successful career in publishing, Ms Black has demonstrated superb management and leadership skill."

How? Why no mention of specific things she had done? USA Today? This paper is basically given away free. It is McPaper. It is written for those who are ADHD. Cosmo? Thanks to this magazine millions of teenage girls feel they are not good enough. Anyway I can think of plenty of entrepreneurs who have been just as, if not more successful than The Talking Cathy Doll. How about Stan Lee of Marvel comics? He has been with Marvel for over fifty years. He created practically the whole stable of Marvel super heroes. He wrote, edited, did everything. He also started the movie production end of Marvel. Stan Lee is a true visionary.

Continuing on page 9, at Hearst "she led a team that produced titles in over 100 countries, launched a number of publications."

So did Stan Lee. Go to the most remote corner of thew world. Do they know Spiderman or whatever bubble head that was on the cover of Cosmo?

More of page 9, "She was at the forefront of advancing and implementing including the expansion of online and mobile advances."

Wow. Impressive. Nothing that a complete dork who lives in his parents basement and has a Barberella poster on his wall couldn't have thought up. But then again without The Talking Cathy Doll, we would not have the Cosmo sex tip of the day.

Still blabbering away on page 9, her "ability to lead a large multi-faceted organization confronting enormous challenges and complexities."

She published magazines. Why not Hugh Heffner, Larry Flynt, or Stan Lee. Heck what about Bud Selig? His vision of the Internet brought untold revenue streams to Major League Baseball.

Onto page 10, "She is an effective communicator diverse stakeholders implementation of her vision."

Stakeholders? Or do you mean shareholders? Please, if you mean stakeholders as in the children and families of New York the only experience she has had is knowing that Mexicans work on her yard and to be sure to allow the African-American servants in through the backdoor.

"She also has substantial experience in dealing with limited resources and making difficult financial decisions."

So does Minnesota Twins general manager Bill Smith. This is a team that has half the resources of the Yankees and is always in the thick of the pennant race. Why not Bill Smith as chancellor?

But Steiner does take a swipe at her claiming her lack of knowing anything about human diversity, and how her service at Notre Dame is as empty has a suit at Syms still on the rack. And that her role at Harlem Village Academy is nothing more as some taking up space adviser.

Yes, The Talking Cathy Doll,has sat on boards, has appeared to taken an interest in some form of education but there are two reasons for this. $$$ and appearances. She is not there. She is a phony, and a shill. Someone Herr Bloomberg can control.

Sadly we must make with what has been served us. The Talking Cathy Doll is empty, both in mind, ideas, and spirit. I predict a major fail by June.

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Your always great articles have scored new highs in following the Black-Gate Talking Cathie Doll saga.

One Bulls Eye after another and the quite germane references to everything under the Sun that relates to this epic tragedy for one million children, are all right on the money.

And speaking of money any person with an IQ over 3 knows that money and the insatiable pursuit thereof is what this has all been about since day one.

And if there is anyone who actually thinks the entire 23 (Twenty Three) Billion dollars that makes up the NYC Board/Dept of Education total annual budget, actually goes to educating the one million children of New York City, I can offer that person a great deal on a certain famous Bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn.

But as far as the possibility of the new "arrangement" orchestrated, engineered and masterminded by the Mayor, not "working out", that is highly to be doubted.

The present very "convenient solution" that was concocted behind the scenes, could only fail to work out smoothly if one of the cowardly lapdog like stooges who is involved suddenly grew a backbone and a set of ethics and a sense of decency.

But how could that possibly happen? The Mayor may be an exceedingly vicious individual but he is certainly not a stupid individual. People with a an insatiable thirst for unlimited power rarely are.

Ms. Black and Mr. Steiner and Mr. "Shill" Polakow-Suransky all know exactly what is, was and will be expected of them in the future.

If anyone in NYC believes for even a moment that any of these named participants is ever going to do or say anything that might ruffle the Mayor's feathers I also have another bridge I can sell that person at a great price.

If either Ms. Black or her stooge figurehead "number two" ever did anything to so much as suggest to the public and/or the media, that their relationship was not working out like a "marriage made in Heaven", thereby causing embarrassment to the man who placed them on their present pedestals, there would be all Hell to pay. And they know it very well.

Very sadly and most tragically NYC, with the able cooperation of the UFT (who could have prevented it from happening) allowed Mr. Bloomberg to take control of our proud City.

We will now have to live with this tragedy until he finally exits the stage and is finally gone from the scene.

"Spero meliora" as they say in Latin. "I hope for better things".