SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Little Evan And Princess Sydney Are Not John And Yoko

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Evan And Princess Sydney Are Not John And Yoko

Are Little Evan Stone and Princess Sydney Morris the 2011 version of John and Yoko? I don't think so. While John and Yoko both fought for causes they believed in, they were used by powerful billionaires, and dubious foundations. Also, I think John, though never formally educated, was a heck of a lot smarter and had more values, than Little Evan Stone of Yale will ever be. But I digress. John and Yoko fought for real causes, and not only walked the walk, but talked the talk. Little Evan and Princess Sydney are nothing like them.

So it comes as no surprise that the official paper of the NYC DOE, The New York Post, and it's official reporter, Yoav Gonen wrote a one sided, boot licking, sycophantic love story in today's paper. entitled; "Maverick Teachers' Group Bucking UFT."

Gonen went for the untruths right from the start.

A powerful group of teachers more concerned with kids' futures than with the fine print of their labor contract is making leaders of their union very nervous.

Powerful? How is it powerful? I know in September Little Evan claimed that there were over 700 members of Educators4Excellence. Reporting from yesterday's Hitlerjugend rally with Mulgrew, NY1 reported and the Post claimed that E4E has 1,300 members. Now, have NY1 and the Post used the amount of friends on E4E Facebook's page? Or was this cold, hard facts given to Lindsey Christ and Yoav Gonen by E4E?

But if using E4E's Facebook page, and even Evan's own words, let's come to a number in between. Surely we know that many have joined the Facebook page to gawk, voyeur, etc.. Same as their website. I in fact have signed up for E4E twice, and look forward to the emails. We know many others have, and many others have surely used fake names. But the crack team here at SBSB have whittled it down and come up with a true figure of approximately 950 adherents. This mean that .011875 percent of teachers in NYC (assuming there are 80,000) are followers of Little Evan and Princess Sydney. Hardly a powerful movement.

Can we use web traffic to determine powerfulness? According to, E4E has a worldwide ranking of #6,364,544 of websites. has a worldwide ranking of # 1,291,922, is # 1,254,566, ednotesonline is, 961,642, and this blog the ranking is #1,465,212. Shouldn't it behoove someone that the blogs mentioned are more powerful thatn E4E? But again we don't have access to $160,000 other people's money.

Gonen goes on to parrot all that E4E is about. Merit pay, end of LIFO, and toughening requirements for tenure. Which, a little bird has told that crack team, or the crack team read it somewhere, that Little Evan Stone was denied.

But to get into all this marlarkey of what E4E is against or for or whatever will just be repeating what is already known.

What is also known is how coincidentally E4E's mantra is so tightly attached to the same mantra by, Uncle Mike, Uncle Joel, and whatever Cathie Black is told to say.

But we here at SBSB to find it funny when he reported that E4E started over a "kitchen table" as the Post reported. I can just imagine Princess Sydney and Little Evan as the table along with the little bell to ring for the servant as they started, on their own volition, this "grass roots" "children first" first organization.

Two quotes we found interesting. One, Michael Loeb, 25, a TFA member from George Washington University and currently a teacher at Urban Institute of Mathematics in Throgs Neck, claimed; "like a cog in the machine" with the current system.A cog? Michael, this is your third year teaching. You are done after this year. You, as well as others know, that this teaching gig you have is just a way to better your resume for law school. The crack team will be surprised and shocked to actually see you teaching next year.

Mulgrew did say something interesting. Mike claimed that, "Klein told me before he left, 'I'm going to pit new teachers against older teachers and I'm going to do it by trying to make it look like we're doing layoffs,"

Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Klein feels this, thinks this, and wants this. What is truly questionable is why Mulgrew has waited until this moment in time to share this. Is it true? Who knows? But the timing of the statement couldn't have been worse. I watched the video Mike, you didn't come off too well.

As far Little Evan and Princess Sydney, well speaking of John and Yoko, remember this. It is all karma baby, it is all karma.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until Evan's teacher data reports are published.

Anonymous said...

He left the classroom because when his data reports are published everyone will see he is not "what is best for kids" which is their favorite line.

Anonymous said...

TRUE STORY! He was/is the absolute antithesis.