SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: The New York Post Blows

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The New York Post Blows

Not too long ago I came across this article in the New York Post. This is about Christine Rubino, who taught at PS 203 in Flatlands, for posting “repulsive” comments on Facebook.

Several thoughts came to my mind. One, is it not ironic how the Post (and of course News Corp.) the harbinger of freedom is quick to mock someone for defending their constitutional rights of freedom of speech. Secondly, why the Post must claim how hard it is to fire a teacher. And lastly, geez, we never once said how, and even posted on FB, how we would like to see a close family member meet with an unfortunate accident?

So in light of this inanity by The Post I, in conjunction with The Frustrated Teacher, have set up a contest. In 6 words, describe how The Post has distorted the facts. You can reply to me on Twitter, or to TFT, (#NYPostBlows) or leave your comment here. The winner will win either dinner or a pitcher of beer with me and TFT.

Have fun. Be creative.


Anonymous said...


Campy 55 said...

Getting you to believe bullshit - PRICELESS!

mab said...

Post liar liar house on fire

Anonymous said...

We can say crap, you can't.


Anonymous said...

All news that's shit to print!

Anonymous said...

"All [the] views that's shit to print!"