SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Whitney Tilson Turns Trayvon Martin Tragedy About Himself

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Whitney Tilson Turns Trayvon Martin Tragedy About Himself

What happened to Trayvon Martin is nothing less than a tragedy. As a parent, I can't imagine what Trayvon's parents are going through and I hope I never will. As a person who is white I can't, nor will I ever, imagine what it must be to be an African-American male in this country, or just any African-American and have to deal with idiots like George Zimmerman. 

But that is all I will say and can say, other than that my thoughts are of Trayvon Martin and what his family are going through. I don't have this burning need to make this all about me, all about what I am and what I do. However, there is one whitey in America that feels that he must make this about himself.

That person is Whitney Tilson, the Great White Hope for the boys and girls of color. Whitney, of course had to make this tragedy about himself and KIPP. Unfortunately, Whitney is no longer updating his blog (I wonder why?) and I only have the screen shot from his email, but here it is (click to enlarge).

Whitney blabbered, 'Another story from the annals of “this sh*t doesn’t happen to white people in this country.” Yes, Whitney, we know. This does not happen to white people in this country. But, discrimination does happen to certain subsets of the white community. Jews, in particular come to mind. Irish, Italians, Catholics, etc... so please, don't act as if you are the Great White Hope and Deity.

But Whitney, where is your outrage at the children killed, rather shot down, in front of their school in Toulouse, France? Does this not bother you? Where is your outrage? In fact, I have never once read in any of your emails your outrage about any Jew being killed. Oh yeah, I know, Whitney is married to a Jew (another reason to renounce my Judaism), but if one were to recall their history, Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner and a racist but he found nothing wrong with Sally Hemings. Perhaps, if these students attended a KIPP school they never would have been shot down?

But Whitney, I can just imagine your feigning your white caretaker outrage at what transpired in Florida. Oh, I am not saying you are not pissed about this, that you didn't care. No, that would make you inhuman. What I am saying is that you have this need to have everything turned back to you, to show that ONLY WHITNEY knows and wants what is best for boys and girls of color. 

But of course in this tragedy Whitney must throw in a shout out for KIPP. Whitney moans, "it could have been a KIPP student." Yes, it could have been a KIPP student. So Whitney is only sad in cases such as Trayvon's if the student was from KIPP? So apparently Whitney only cares about KIPP students. Furthermore, his reaction is that it ONLY could have been student from KIPP. Not just a student, not a brother, or a son, or a friend, or grandson, or a nephew. But he only seems to bemoan those students that attend KIPP. So pathetic Whitney.

Apparently Whitney only seems to care for those who are African-American if he can feign outrage and if these students either attend KIPP or pay homage to Whitney and all the good things Whitney thinks he does for such students. Whitney is a charlatan, a fraud, a scheister. Beware of Whitney Tilson.

The last Great White Hope appeared 30 years ago this June. Gerry Cooney had his bell rung by Larry Holmes. Cooney was shown to be a fraud. The 2012 version is showing what a fraud he is each and every day. Whitney, save your crocodile tears for the scum at the Harvard Club which acts as if you are fascinating. There is nothing different between you and a $3 bill.


Robert D. Skeels * rdsathene said...

Tilson's paternalism and racism goes beyond the pale this time. How utterly reprehensible. Then to pitch his vile centers of cultural sterilization? I'm speechless. Did he really have the gall to bring KIPP into this?

There's an old saying from the European left that goes: "the ruling class is unfit to rule." Tilson epitomizes the adage.

There's a special circle reserved for these privatizers that even Dante was too frightened to write about.

Denda said...

And then you made it about your hatred for Whitney Tilson...

Anonymous said...

Amen Denda! Well said

Pete Zucker said...

How did I make it about my hatred for Whitney? I write facts. If I wrote the sun rose in the East, would that be a problem. Whitney had no business whatsoever to inject KIPP into this tragedy.

Anonymous said...

The sun DOES rise in the East...