SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Bob the Builder Speaks For Educators4Excellence

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bob the Builder Speaks For Educators4Excellence

Told ya they'll be more. Not too long after listening to nothing as explained by E4E's Eric Cartman, The Crack Team came across this figuratively emasculated gentleman who showed up in support of his wife who happens to be a teacher in the South Bronx. He cracked us up in the first video with such myths as;

That there needs to be evaluations

He's a construction worker

He is not in a union, however is employed by a union shop. C'mon, really?
He works with many union guys. Wait a minute, the same union guys that have a giant inflatable rat in front of non-union construction sites? The same union guys that shit things bigger than this guy in the video?
It's not his call on how to evaluate cops, firefighters, etc... but has no problem on how to evaluate teachers.
Says he is not an educator, but still can speak for educators.
And has worked for the Board of Ed. 

In the next video with this person, he decries a teachers rights to due process.

Love this line of this, "I'm for due process, but if you get fired, you fired, you get fired."

Didn't believe that there has been a teacher sent to Rubber Room for carrying a Coke in their hand.

What a dingus. What a dearth of independent thought.

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