SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Introducing the Master Race of South Bronx Classical Charter School

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Introducing the Master Race of South Bronx Classical Charter School

Every charter school has a board of trustees, a bunch of do gooders if you will. South Bronx Classical Charter is no different. Therefore, we here at SBSB wish to introduce the trustees of SBCC to the District 7 and PS 154 community. See if you can notice a pattern.

First up is C. Stephen Baldwin; Chairman of the SBCCS Board of Trustees.
Steve is...currently a writer, has served as counsel with the United Nations, executive director of the Learning Disabilities Association of NYC, third grade teacher in the South Bronx, and arbitrator/mediator with the United Nations, Population Council, and Ford Foundation.

Steve seems really old and we are curious on how long he taught 3rd grade in the Bronx

Next is James Maher; Trustee. Steve's education background consists of;

Mr. Maher is a Vice President of Real Estate Acquisitions at BlackRock Kelso Capital Corporation, where he evaluates and underwrites potential real estate acquisitions in the New York metropolitan area.  Mr. Maher received his Master’s Degree in Real Estate Finance & Investment in 2011 and his BA from Brown University in 2003

The first chick is Kathryn Moore Heleniak; Vice Chair who happens to be an artist or something like that.

Dr. Heleniak is an author and a professor of Art History at Fordham University. She was a residential fellow at the Ligurian Center for Arts and Humanities, a recipient of a Mellon Fellowship at the Yale Center for British Art, and was named an Outstanding Teacher in the Humanities at Fordham College.

This is an interesting board member. J. Kevin Murphy; Board Secretary is a NYC DOE teacher at PS 96 in Harlem. Quite interesting. Whose side is he on? Oh, The Crack Team has not found a photo of him as of press time. Could he be "Black Irish?"

Mr. Murphy is a technology teacher at P.S. 96 in East Harlem. Previously, he was an agent with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company and a vice president at Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York.

What is disturbing is how a NYC public school teacher is sleeping with the enemy.

Melissa Brown; Treasurer. Impressive background;

Ms. Brown is a vice president in the Leveraged Finance investment banking group at Barclays Capital. Melissa earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Mathematics from Williams College. 

 Glad to see the eyebrows are close to her hair color.

William F. Higgins, Trustee, already commented on him. Fake football here and disgraced former FBI agent.

Larry Hirsch; Trustee

Larry is important. He is a senior CPD representative with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Previously, he served as director of government and community relations for the Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City as well as in various other housing and development roles. 

Larry is 2nd from the right. I'm sure the people of the projects feel that you are on their side, right Larry?

Kristi Jaques; Trustee an associate attorney at King & Spalding LLP, specializing in international arbitration. Kristi earned a J.D. at Duke University School of Law and a B.S. from the University of Michigan. 

Wayne and Garth think she is babelicious. Schwing!

Louisa Childs; Trustee General Counsel of The Dwight School. Prior to joining Dwight, Ms. Childs was an associate at King & Spalding. 

Wayne and Garth are unimpressed. Though one physical attribute reminds them of another celebrity. 

So there you have it. The entire politburo, er, I meant junta. no wait, it will come to me. The Reich cabinet of South Bronx Classical Charter School.

Ironic how not one person is of color or has any education background. People of the South Bronx you are being duped.


Anonymous said...

Why would they need a person of color on the board? The poor, unwashed people of color of the South Bronx need great White leaders to lead them from darkness! We know that all people in the South Bronx live like animals. Let the great White caring people wrench the children of color from their dysfunctional homes and show them how to live.

Unknown said...

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