SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Vote For Julie Cavanagh and the MORE Slate in UFT Elections

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vote For Julie Cavanagh and the MORE Slate in UFT Elections

It is getting to be that time of the year. On April 3, the ballots will be mailed to all UFT members for the  UFT elections in which we will decide whether or not to keep Michael Mulgrew as UFT president and Unity in control.

We here at SBSB, myself and The Crack Team, endorse the entire MORE (Movement of Rank and File Educators) slate and Julie Cavanagh as president. This endorsement does not come just because yours truly is on the ballot for executive board, but because I truly feel that a change, and a
worthwhile change at that, is needed in the UFT leadership.

Ask yourself a very simple question. Are you better off now than you were three years ago (the last Union election)? Are you better of now since October 31, 2009? That is how long we have been working without a contract. Are you better off than you were in 2005 when Randi Weingarten, then UFT president gave away the seniority rights and grieving letters to the file? Are you better off than you than you were January 1, 2002, the day Bloomberg became mayor and Weingarten started her collaboration with him?Yes, financially we are better off since 2002. But think of the grander picture.

Think ahead. Will you be better off a year, two years, three years from now? Stop and think. I mean even financially you can be worse off. God forbid you are rated ineffective 2 years in a row on the basis of junk math. Then what happens? Take away the pension, will you be better or worse off in the future emotionally, physically, job wise?

The answer to all the above questions are pretty obvious. Of course not, and do you know why?

Because the current management of the UFT serves only themselves, not you! Yes, there might have been a time when the UFT cared about its members but those days are long gone. That is why it's time for a change.

I know Julie was attacked by the UFT last week for daring to be concerned about her son instead of showing up at a delegate meeting, but come on. The delegate assembly is nothing more than a Supreme Soviet meeting. It is nothing more than an arm of Mulgrew and harbors no independent thought. Going to a DA meeting is like watching the Politburo in action.

I know Julie, I have met her, and she is real. That is what we need, real leadership. A real person. The beliefs, morals, and honor from the top will trickle down to the borough leaders, to the district leaders, to the chapter leaders. Your wants, concerns, and feelings will be not only recognized, but actually heard and respected. Never again will you be told to be silent, or told to take it, or be told to acquiesce. Having to deal with the DOE from weakness will be a thing of the past.

Julie and the entire MORE caucus (Please read MORE's platform), will put the needs of the students, the schools, and the teachers ahead of the city's. Never again will there be cowering and fear shown to the mayor. Never again will teacher's fears be unanswered. Only you, and each one of us that looks to the UFT to be true leaders in education, to be when a city turns its head to the union, can make sure this happens.

The ballots are being mailed out April 3 and it is safe to assume that the ballot will arrive in mailboxes just a few days later. Apathy is our worst enemy. That's what the city and Unity want. It is time to change that.

Instead of tossing that ballot in the garbage, or putting it with the other junk mail, fill out that ballot right away. Vote for the MORE slate. All it will take is 30 seconds to mark the box. Put it in the envelope and mail it.

This election can't be won with just Julie and MORE. It can only be won by you. Julie and MORE can't change the culture alone, they can only do it with you. You are the most important person in this election. You have the power alone to change education in New York and the country.


Anonymous said...

I am one of those "old guys" who actually remembered when the UFT took care of it's members. You are 100% correct in stating that the current UFT only cares about keeping it's union jobs protected for the Unity hacks that obey every command like little soldiers. I have educated my staff about the MORE platform and we will be supporting them by sending in our ballots next week. Spread the word: MORE in 2013!!!

Anonymous said...

I just got back from Kinkos. (I printed out enough MORE fliers to give to all the teachers in my school next week)