SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Problematic Problems Cause ATR's Many Problems

Friday, May 9, 2014

Problematic Problems Cause ATR's Many Problems

Lots been said about the plight of the ATR's in the contract agreement between the city and their pals at the UFT, well we mean Unity. We shared what we don't like here, here, and here, as well as the anxiety shared by the ATR's, on how the new and unimproved assignment and treatment of ATR's will put the careers of many, if not all, at peril.

As we have heard and read, and according to the UFT Memorandum of Agreement, an ATR can be removed from a school after 50 days for;
...problematic behavior, means behavior that is inconsistent with the expectations established for professionals working in school
Now just what is problematic behavior? It would help that there would be a list of a guide of such behaviors made public to help steer the ATR's away from engaging in such types of behavior that will get them terminated. It is safe to assume that, insubordination, sexual harassment of staff, verbal harassment of staff, corporal punishment, verbal abuse, improper touching, can and will be problematic and will sustain in being voted off the island.

We all know that a principal with an idea to get someone can be problematic and can and will lie and get others to lie for them.The Crack Team looked into this problematic issue of what else constitutes problematic behavior and contacted appropriate people within the DOE.

Sources shared with The Crack Team a memo, put together by the Labor Relations team at Tweed, which was blasted out through Outlook to all the principals entitled; "Problematic Behavior for Problematic ATR's and How To Get Rid of Said ATR's Unproblemmaticaly." The Crack Team was allowed to read the memo and take notes but were forbidden to make copies.

Problematic Behavior, according to Labor Relations consists of;


A Heartbeat

Showing up

Having a heartbeat

Walking in the front door

Being over the age of 40

Gray hair

Male pattern baldness

Reading Glasses


Being Menopausal  

Having Acid Reflux disease

Ability to identify Bob McAllister

Having independence of thought

Treating colleagues respectfully

Belief in a God other than the one the principal believes in

Not seeing the principal as a deity

Choosing Riker over Spock as the better first officer

Belief that Shemp was funnier than Curley

Belief that Joe Besser was funnier than Shemp

Belief that Andy Kaufman is still alive (Oh oh! I'm doomed)

Belief that Billy Preston was the "5th Beatle"

You prefer David Lee Roth over Sammy Hagar

You prefer Wolfgang Van Halen over Michael Anthony

You believe that Elton John's best work has has come since 1982

Taking a sick day

Leaving work in an emergency because your child was in horrible accident 

Putting family first

Putting others first

Contributing to the well being of the community

Your smile

Your dentures

The way you walk

The way you talk

The color of your skin

Your sex

The principal did not get any the previous night

The principal wanted you and you didn't put out

You leave before 6 PM

You arrive later than 6 AM

You expect to be paid per session

You expect to be treated respectfully

You don't invite your principal to your kid's bar mitzvah

You get pregnant

Death in the family

You die and fail to come to work

Carrying a Coca-Cola

You get in a car accident the previous day and break every bone in your body and can't come in the next day

The way you look

Anything and everything about you. 

You refuse to live in the principal's colon

There is nothing you can't do to stop a person you has it in for you. If they want to nail you they can and they will. They need a witness? It is easy. There are enough lackies, sycophants, etc... in a school, a principal will find one.



Francesco Portelos said...

I'm not worried South Bronx. I have the UFT behind me!

Pete Zucker said...

Behind you making faces and bunny figures with their hands.