SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Sam Pirozzolo Bares His Soul

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo Bares His Soul

Part of the lawsuit spearheaded by NYC Parents Union honchos Mona Davids and Sam Pirozzolo is their complaining about practices that can harm children brought about by teachers.

What troubles us here at SBSB is what about practices that can harm children and shock the conscience by the professional complainers?

The Crack Team came across Sam Pirozzolo's Facebook page (Last photo) and what we found was quite shocking, and a bit surreal. And just to be sure that it is not deleted, this screen shot will show for all the audacity of Sam Pirozzolo (Click to enlarge!).

The Crack Team is busy attempting to ascertain whether or not that is Sam's buttocks shoveling the snow naked. We are in no way accusing Sam of shoveling snow naked or being a deviant snow shoveler. Even if it is Sam's buttocks, we here at SBSB believe that Sam (As one can see in his FB profile photo, Sam is a darn proud American!) is protected by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America as every right to due process as well as the .

But there is a bigger issue here. What kind of person not only will post this photo on his Facebook page but not take advantage of the privacy controls Facebook offers to keep the entire world from seeing this photo?

Francesco Portelos got hammered for a sarcastic remark in which others said he was threatening children, well, is this something children should see? Are not the children of the lawsuit and any other children who wish to sue able to access this photo? What kind of example is Sam Pirozzolo setting? Does he think it's funny for children to see a fat man's naked buttocks? Is there some kind of cheap thrill that Sam is getting by showing this?

Again, we are not saying this is a photo of Sam, but at no time has he either confirmed nor denied who the owner of this offensive buttocks is.

All the more shocking is that Sam is the chairman of CEC 31 and, even more shocking, Sam was a candidate for the New York State Assembly from the 63rd district. Is this the kind of man we want making education decisions for our children, laws for the people of New York State, shoveling our snow?

If this photo was on a teacher's Facebook page how fast would Mona Davids, Sam Pirozzolo and their minions pounce? Would Mona Davids, Sam Pirozzolo and their minions give the teacher the benefit of the doubt and laugh it off?

No they wouldn't


Anonymous said...

Oy vey!!!

Anonymous said...

I say good work, crack team! Make him look like an ass.
Oh wait, Sam did that all by himself. Sure ain't gettin my glasses from asses.

Sam P. said...

My lawyer will follow up on this or else I will go to the Post

Bronx ATR said...

Get Campbell Brown on his ass. LOL!!