SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Sam Pirozzolo Clowns Around on Twitter

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Sam Pirozzolo Clowns Around on Twitter

Last week we called Sam Pirozzolo a clown. We apologize. We apologize to the clowns of the world who bring joy and good tidings to the boys and girls all over the globe. Sam is a scary clown, a clown that tries to instill fear, ignorance, hate, and self-righteousness.

But, with all of Sam's clownish behavior, we still love him. We love him for the oodles of material he just keeps on giving and giving. Soon we will have to make him a member of The Crack Team.

Today's laugh riot comes courtesy of Sam while he tries to take on two people much, much, much, much, smarter than he. Sam does not realize that the silly stuff he says on Twitter or Facebook is there forever and ever. So with every key stroke, Sam just shows what actually is between his ears.

It all started when Leonie Haimson tweeted that there was no evidence of clustering ineffective teachers in NYC schools with students of color. Sam got in a tizzy because he has issues with using facts to support claims.

Leonie, backed up her facts. When asked who was the author, Lenoie shared with was Bruce Baker. No, not that Bruce Baker! This, Bruce Baker, a professor at Rutgers. Now it would be safe to assume that Prof. Baker would know and have more information regarding education and education policy than Ophthalmic Provider Sam Pirozzolo would have, no? For instance, my wife needs contact lenses. Would she be better off seeing Sam or Prof. Baker?

Anyway, Prof. Baker tweeted back to Sam;

WHOA! Hold on there Professor! That might be too much info for Sam to take in all at once.

Sam switched to another contention he has no proof of;

To wit Prof. Baker tweeted back and Sam still on the same subject;

Sam continues to show how ignorant he is. He is still, still mixing up proficiency for grade level. But, hey, what would anyone expect?

But Sam continues. He's like an immigrant learning his first phrase in English. He just says it again and again, and again.

 What about at this point in the tweets the pw3nage of Sam begins;

But Sam can't offer any proof to his claims nor can he even articulate what he is saying other than, his oft repeated lines. Sam is like a Chatty Cathy doll that you pull the string and out comes the phrase. 
Prof. Baker attempts to pull Sam back from fantasy world.

But, Prof. Baker has the maturity to admit he read the complaint quickly and will have to read it again. But again Prof. Baker is in reality and all Sam can muster up is California. A case that is on appeal.

We don't whether or not to laugh or cry at how clueless he is. We here at SBSB are thinking of performing an intervention for Sam. We hope he hits bottom soon in his ignorance and has nowhere left to turn to other than smart people, people in the know. It's really sad to see the breakdown of ones mental faculties happen so quickly and decidedly.

Worse, when someone comes up with enough money for Mona Davids to disassociate herself from the lawsuit, Sam will look pretty silly being the face of it alone.

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