Saturday, September 6, 2014

For those who haven't noticed, Mona Davids and Campbell Brown have parted ways as partners in destroying thousands of teachers careers. Yes, this awkward marriage of two self absorbed, self important people has come to an end. Sam Pirozzol, official NYC Parents Union clown and Mona's very own helper monkey confirmed this on August 30 on the NYCPU Facebook page.

What a soap opera this has turned into. Who are we to believe? We do know of two facts. One, as The Crack Team speculated, Mona filed a pre-emptive lawsuit against tenure not because of any strong belief that that tenure was hurting students but she had knowledge before hand that Campbell Brown, the Bayou Schicksa, was about to file a similar lawsuit. We all know that Mona can't afford to allow someone else to have fame and glory and that she must be seen as the queen, as the all encompassing

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