Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ATR Hell

I'm surprised I don't push for more of these ATR horror stories.

This come from an ATR within the 5 boroughs. This ATR shared what you are about to read with others though social media. I asked for and received permission to share this and appreciate and thank the ATR.

This truly does come from the files of "You Can't Make This Shit Up!"

In the ATR's own words;

I was covering a math class and the teacher had the equation S=ph+2b on the board. I erased it and put some other math work up. The next day she telephoned me in the classroom and asked to speak to me. I said sure and went down to her room . She wanted to know if I erased the equation from the board I said yes and she said "I'll put in on paper and I want you to write it on the chalkboard."  My response was are you kidding me???

And there is more!

Yesterday I was teaching 7th grade math asked 1 student who was misbehaving to stay. He then put his foot in the door and pushed me now I have a 48 hour notice because he turned it around and said I pushed him! He has an IEPs-- I was never told! I covered my ass by requesting that the 2 students who fabricated a story about me not be present in the class I teach today. They did remove the whole class so the little darlings would not feel like they were being singled out.

This is how the ATR's are treated. Thanks to our contract, the New York Pravda...oops, I meant Post, the parents believe what they read and it trickles down to the students.

The worse part is that our colleagues, our co-workers believe what they are reading and don't mind dumping on ATR's.


Anonymous said...

Whom ever that teacher is who asked you to write the equation on the board should rot in hell because obviously this is a demented moron who is clue less about what is going on and basically is one of those who can just see past their nose. Sad sad sad and only say that karma will get that biatch and get it good

Anonymous said...

I love it when some Newbie ask if I'm the sub. My response is no I'my a certified teacher with tenure and experience in the classroom. So What your story? Gets them all the time.

Francesco Portelos said... join and spread.