SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Jonathan Weinstein at High Achievement New York Exposed

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jonathan Weinstein at High Achievement New York Exposed

After we posted our exposure of Jonathan Weinstein and his buddies at High Achievement New York word came into the SBSB newsroom that Jon is married to a NYCDOE teacher. We shan't say where, other than it is the Upper West Side in District 3, and we shan't say which grade and/or subject only that its special ed. in an ICT elementary class in a magnet school.

This school only has 4 percent of its students as ELL's and 18 percent with special needs. And get this. Only 8 percent of the students get a free lunch. Impressive numbers, huh?

And as one might imagine the test scores, for both general ed and special ed, are very impressive.

We do however applaud all the teachers, the staff, the parents, the community, and the principal on having such great outcomes. Of course one can ascertain that the low amount of ELL's, special ed., and students on free lunch have something to do with this.

Oh, lest we forget to mention the copious amounts of fundraising done by the parents of the school. Hey, we here at SBSB have no problem with it and believe that it is great. But does this not show the difference between the haves (This school sold its tickets for the fundraiser for $70 per person including dinner and open bar) and the have nots. Maybe the have nots can have their fundraisers and Jimbo's Hamburger Palace?

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These are just a few examples from the hundreds being sold and auctioned of that night last year.

Disgusting. Not that a school can do this. Rather no one can understand why there is such disparity in achievement between schools in NYC. Shouldn't a journalist such as Jon Weinstein once was know to collect all the facts before making assumptions? 

Do the teachers at this school know the background of HANY and that their colleague's husband is doing the best he can to separate them from their direct deposit? Heck, Jon is doing everything he can to destroy the career of his wife. But it won't matter. She'll get pregnant and never return back to the school.

Even more astonishing is that Jon's mommy was a school board member and then president of the school board at a swank school district on Long Island. Jon could have turned out like Jon Stewart or Matt Damon, both of who have parents that are educators. But he decided to sell his soul for the money coming from Bill Gates.

Does Jon Weinstein believe his wife would be the same teacher if she was in the South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, or Brownsville? Does he not think things would be different?

Why does Jon not lead the fight against poverty, lack of medical and dental attention, hunger, mental illness, destroyed families, abuse, alcohol and drug abuse in the South Bronx and other such areas?

Simple, there is no power and glamor involved. It ain't sexy. And it's not what poor little rich boys from Long Island and graduated from Cornell are supposed to do.


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