SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Teachers are Lucky to Have Betsy Combier

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Teachers are Lucky to Have Betsy Combier


Chaz said...

I have always been a strong supporter of Betsy and she gives the teacher a different perspective of what the union will tell them. She was at my open and public 3020-a hearing and her advise helped me convince the arbitrator that the DOE case against me was without merit.

I might not always agree with Betsy Combier but I consider her a good and trusted friend who's advise is well received by me and should be by others.

LadyJustice said...

Betsy is a wealth of knowledge and always was able to help me and definitely consider her a trusted friend.

Anonymous said...

How do you contact her if you have a question. Can't trust our own Union but she seems to be an Atrs only hope for honest advice.

Anonymous said...

I was in the RR but I don't remember you. There was never a line to see Betsy and as I remember it, there was a big distrust of Betsy.

The only people that looked for Betsy's help were the people guilty and I remember them complaining about Betsy.

I wish I would have found your blog sooner