SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: BREAKING NEWS!! I Settled My Lawsuit vs. NYCDOE (One Down One to Go)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS!! I Settled My Lawsuit vs. NYCDOE (One Down One to Go)

It's over. My long national nightmare has come to an end.

I have settled the part of my lawsuit with just the the DOE and any and all of it's employees. It has been a long, long, journey to get to this point. I didn't get everything I wanted but I am happy.

This lawsuit was filed back in August of 2014 and for all intents and purposes had it's origins in September of 2012. It's been over four years of a struggle as well as an education into the machinations of the DOE and the world of law.

Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself and many, many people who have supported me through all this.

Other than my wife the most important person in all of this has been my lawyer Bryan Glass. Bryan is an amazing lawyer. His base of knowledge when it comes to employment law, especially, when it comes to dealing with the NYCDOE is unmatched. Bryan has been there thought thick and thin, through my worst days and through my best days. Bryan is a lawyer that stands by his clients. Just look at his track record. My life is fuller having had Bryan Glass come into it.


Anonymous said...

Good story! Question: I have read that some people do not think your lawyer Mr Glass is top notch. (He represented Portellos and some people at his public hearing stated that Mr. Glass did not do too good of a job) Why would people think Mr. Glass is not good when in fact he did a great job for you? Second question, how quickly did you decide to use a private lawyer instead of a free, appointed NYSUT lawyer? Would you recommend that teachers facing 3020a charges go with a private lawyer? Your thought are appreciated!

ed notes online said...

Peter did use a Nysut lawyer for his 3020a. I was at the hearing most of the time and spent a lot of time with her and peter discussing her tactics. It gave me a lot of insights towards the process which includes knowing the pattern of the doe lawyer and the particular hearing officer. When the hearing began it looked to me he might be in trouble but despite a harsh suspension his job was saved.

Anonymous said...

So, in your opinion, NYSUT lawyers are the best idea for 3020a in NYC? I guess I have been reading the Rubber Room Reporter too much as Betsy says that private lawyers are a better idea. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Agona is most likely stretching this out in every way possible and counting on the presiding judge (and opposing attorney) to keep granting extensions/adjournments.

He is probably quite annoyed he has to pay for his own attorney and dragging his feet/failing to respond, etc., may be his way of hoping to save money. While DOE has the cash and experts to file motions of dismissal and summary judgment (endlessly)he may not.

This could get interesting.

Pete Zucker said...

Bryan is above reproach. Bryan does not do 3020-a's anymore, his partner Jordan Harlow does however. Jordan is awesome as well.

As for using a private attorney or NYSUT attorney, the decision is up to you. Go with your gut. It's the same as picking heart surgeon X or heart surgeon Y. Ask questions, be informed, and remember the best advocate for yourself is you!

Tony D said...

Pete, email me. I got some information you could use about Agona.