SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Bible Study and Mocking Students at Success Academy 1 in Harlem

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bible Study and Mocking Students at Success Academy 1 in Harlem

Updated February 11, 2017 10:45 AM EST:
We mistakenly left the name out of SA 1 Principal Danique Loving as one of the three yenta teachers. What is updated is in red.

Earlier this afternoon The Crack Team got some compelling news from an impeccable, above reproach source concerning, how shall we say, irregularities about Success Academy that left The Crack Team just aghast and sickened.

As many of us already know, Success Academies decided yesterday that Eva's ego comes first and that their students were forced to attend school braving blizzard conditions during the children's commute to school. What better way to open a few seats and to ensure that those who do not meet Eva's demonic standards don't return. At Success, if a few struggling students get killed or maimed being in a blizzard the attitude must be "so be it." Talk about Creaming.

So back to the compelling news that came to The Crack Team. The source informed The Crack Team that at Harlem's Success Academy 1 yesterday, some students were involved in what can be called "Bible study."

The source shared that three SA teachers staff members including SA 1 principal Danique Loving  were yapping it up early this morning at about 7:15 AM, sharing what they had done yesterday when one of the teachers shared, whilst smiling and almost bragging, that some students were sitting through the readings of Bible verses during the snowy school day.

Now ordinarily we here at SBSB have no problem how one wants to conduct their religious beliefs as long as said beliefs don't infringe on anyone else's belief or non-beliefs of religion and/or deities. However, children, especially those at the near underworld fortress like Success Academy, are a captive audience and have no recourse other than to be force fed religious beliefs of someone else. Moreover, Success Academy is funded with public monies paid by John and Jane Q. Public and is therefore a public school, though a public school that limits access to the public, and falls under the US Constitution's Establishment Clause. But this is Eva. Rules and laws are meant for someone else. Never her.

But this violation, though egregious, pales in comparison to the what else the three SA yenta's were cackling about.

Apparently these three just principal Danique Loving, while the other two listened and laughed, all African-American, decided that their time at 7:15 AM was better spent mocking and deriding a young boys first name. A young boy who is a native of Africa.

How dare these "teachers" principal Danique Loving mock anyone's name! How dare these "educators" think that they are so above it all that the only way they can make themselves feel bigger and more important is to mock a defenseless child! How dare these "people" for one minute think that they are educators!

Can you imagine the shit storm that would incur if this happened at a REAL NYC public school and Eva found out about this? Oy Gevalt!

We here at SBSB immediately call for a proper investigation into these dreadful and unprofessional allegations by an independent investigator post haste. No stone should be unturned into the lack of professionalism by these three SA teachers and whomever decided to turn a snowy NYC day into Bible study.

We here at SBSB also call for the removal of SA 1 principal Danique Loving for turning a blind eye to what has transpired for mocking a students heritage and ethnic background!

The behavior at Success Academy 1 is appalling and must not be tolerated. Looking the other way is akin to accepting such behavior.
Danique Loving
Danique Loving


Anonymous said...

If all present were willing , what's wrong with it ? Muslim kids get what they need in these buildings, regarding their daily prayers. They DEMAND it...

Teacher said...

Teachers and students can't be involved together in prayer or reciting holy text at any time in any denomination. Part of holy text may be quoted if it is being used for something in ss curriculum. If a group of Christian students wish to hold hands and pray for something specific that's fine, but it can't be teacher led or organized

Pete Zucker said...

Anonymous 7:22 Willing??? Howw can an 8 year old be willing to have someone proselytize?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what your opinion would be if Christian students demanded private prayer rooms several times a day and more for their religious holy days?
Something tells me you would bitch about that as well...

Anonymous said...

As much as I despise moskowitch she is looking good here unless maybe she got breast enlargement with that huge salary she gets there

Pete Zucker said...

To Anonymous 12:18

You wonder what I would say? I would say go for it. I have no problem at all with any student that wants to have a bible study or whatever in a school as long as it is student initiated and student led. Where the line must be drawn is when a teacher force feeds his/her religious beliefs to a captive audience of children!

But I am sure religious freedom only goes so far with you. Would you be so kind to allow students that worship Satan to demand their own room so they can worship the Prince of Darkness?

Mary Kathrina said...

Public school Students are allowed to proselytize their own beliefs during unstructured times of the day. Teachers and administrators are to leave their beliefs at the school yard gate. The law is very clear. Why someone brings up Muslim students praying during certain parts of the school day; should never made into this discussion.

Anonymous said...

It`s awful...I`m shocked. You did well to write down about such kind of situations to avoid mocking and bullying children. Thank you! Good job!