SOUTH BRONX SCHOOL: Catlin Preston of Central Park East 1 is Exonerated!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Catlin Preston of Central Park East 1 is Exonerated!

Lots going on at CPE 1. Last week I mentioned how CL Marilyn Martinez was exonerated of all charges and now another teacher at her school, Catlin Preston, has been exonerated of all charges as well in his 3020-a case.

I can't yet go into details of what Catlin's case. Now is not the time.

This I can tell you. The charges against Catlin were bullshit. A sham. But Catlin got through it.

I spoke to Catlin on the phone back in January before his hearing started. Jia Lee had put me in touch with him and wanted me to share my experience, give advice, support, and whatever else I can give to him.

It's not that I needed to talk him down from the ceiling or anything, but of course he was anxious and apprehensive. I gave it to him straight. Best of all I gave him some coping skills (Which I think anyone going through a 3020-a hearing needs!).

It would be easy for anyone who has been in my situation to just have an agenda and project their own anger and fears onto someone. You know, have an agenda as some people do. But that would not have served Catlin or anyone in his situation any good.

Catlin needed the process demystified. I hope it helped. I think it helped.

But Catlin had someone better than me, or Jia, or MORE on his side. He had Jordan Harlow as an attorney. Then and now Catlin said that was the best money he had ever spent.

Catlin was fortunate as is any teacher in his situation to hire Jordan. Would things have turned out the same if Catlin hired someone else? Maybe. Maybe not. There are a lot of flim flam artists out there.

It's too bad that Catlin and his students were separated nearly 18 months.

FYI, Catlin is back at CPE 1 and the students and the community could not be luckier.


ed notes online said...

Peter -- since Catlin had to spend money for a lawyer due to bogus charges does he have a personal lawsuit against Garg, the DOE, DOE Legal and OSI?
I'm not big on courts but this one looks like a winner.

Anonymous said...

There is a procedure within the 3020-a process for demanding legal costs associated with defending oneself from frivolous disciplinary charges. One would assume Catlin's attorney did this. Unfortunately, if the hearing officer did not award these costs, collateral estoppel kicks in to bar (essentially) subsequent 3020-a legal cost claims.

Of course, one could use a completely dismissed 3020-a as a vehicle to pursue claims against the city (discriminations, etc).

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice.

Fucked Over By Betsy Combier said...

^^^^ Pete this has to be another desperate attempt by Betsy for attention.

Marie said...

Peter Ianiello at DOE HR have been calling me to 65 Court for bogus disciplinary hearings and trying to give me a,false and undeserved bad record after 20 years on the job. He and his assistant Eleanor Rollins are unreasonable. They told me I am not allowed to bring an attorney to the discipline conference. This violates all the laws in USA starting with the Constitution. Mayor de Blasio needs to fire,these two fools yesterday and end their witchhunt immediately. They are targeting me with false charges of incompetence after 20 years on the job. They are two worthless sponges of public funds.