Sunday, January 21, 2018

Crap! This Sucks!

I received a phone call from my friend that is going through a 3020-a about 7 PM this evening. Funny, about the timing vis a vis last night's post.

After a grueling third day of testimony he has decided to retire, effective April 30, from the DOE.

I understand the pain and anguish. But, the only thing I can do and will do is support him in his decision.

There has got to be a better way.

At least he did not take advice from the Crazy Ones. 

Let's not forget thanks to the UFT. If he wasn't for the wonderful negotiating prowess he keeps his retro. Who knows? If the UFT did what it was supposed to do he might not have had whether or not he got his retro hanging over his head.


Anonymous said...

Did he used Bryan Glass or a NUSUT lawyer?

Pete Zucker said...


Anonymous said...

Was he satisfied with the effort that the NYSUT lawyer put in? Seems with Janus right around the corner the only reason to stay in the UFT is for the lawyers if needed in 3020a. However, if you get a shitty lawyer you might be better off with a private lawyer. Thoughts on this in regard to your friend? (I am very sorry what he has gone through by the way. The DOE are all scumbags)

waitingforsupport said...

Beasts...I hope your friend is okay. Bad things sometimes happen to good people. Sigh...